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The guest sleeps the best in Prestige Hotel Budapest****Superior

2016. 03. 22.

It was on 18 March 2016, on the occasion of World Sleep Day that the prize award ceremony of Sleep Friendly Hotel was held in Hungary, which began with an exciting professional conference. The event was held in Prestige Hotel Budapest****Superior, which has been awarded the Sleepfriendly Hotel Award of Hungarian hotels.

World Sleep Day is an international event aimed to create awareness of the importance of sleeping for the improvement of the quality of life. It was related to this day that the Sleepfriendly Hotel Award was founded in Hungary, which has rewarded for 3 years now the efforts of hotels that afford special attention and create appropriate quality conditions to ensure a comfortable and restful sleep for their guests.

In the award ceremony György G. Németh, director of the World Sleep Day Hungary program said the following:  When granting the awards, they consider both medical and hospitality aspects, with the customer experience, the quality of sleeping in focus, including any aspect that affects these. The jury assesses a total of 150 different criteria, which otherwise match the relevant criteria of Hotelstars Union in many aspects.

Furthermore, Ákos Niklai, president of the Association of Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants, member of the jury of the Sleepfriendly Hotel Program emphasized the importance of this qualification and outlined how it works. As he told, the two qualification systems complement each other ideally, and the system of conditions keeps changing and expanding, in consideration of the opinions and feedback of the customers.

This was confirmed by Róbert Richárd Kiss, president of the Sleepfriendly Hotel International Program, who provided a little insight into the international trends as well. This year the foreign prize of the programme went to Hotel Halekulani of Hawaii.  

On behalf of Prestige Hotel Budapest****Superior Miklós Gaál hotel director received the award, who highlighted: they are proud to see the hotel enriched by so much appreciation despite its young age and within such a short time, since it was just recently that they received the Hotelstars Union 4 stars superior rating, while Costes Downtown, which operates in the building of the hotel, has received the Michelin star. There are few hotels that can claim to serve breakfast made by a restaurant with a Michelin star. However, not only gastronomy, but other comfort services also receive special attention in their concept, in which sleep comfort is a major element.

After the award was granted, the participants had a chance to view the hotel personally.

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