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Prestige Hotel Budapest celebrates 1st anniversary

2016. 06. 08.

Prestige Hotel Budapest****Superior and its partner restaurant Michelin-starred Costes Downtown celebrated their first anniversary on 1 June, 2016. The staff of Prestige Hotel Budapest as well as the members of the shared management team of Prestige Hotel Budapest and Continental Hotel Budapest gathered at a reception to celebrate this special occasion. Among the guests were representatives of diplomatic corps and the domestic tourism industry as well as delegates of the hotel's significant business partners.

In the spirit of the high class milieu's elegance, the evening was opened by Junior Prima Award winner violinist Géza Szajkó's Melodia Quartett’s virtuoso performance, followed by Prestige Hotel Budapest CEO Mazen Al Ramahi's welcome speech, which he delivered in Hungarian. After the CEO’s address, Costes Downtown owner Károly Gerendai gave a speech, referring to the time preceding the opening, when he regarded the venture a great challenge both for the restaurant and the hotel. As he put it, he was proud that the restaurant is not only a "prestige restaurant" but also a lucrative business venture and emphasised the successful and harmonious cooperation of Prestige Hotel Budapest and Costes Downtown.

The greatest interest was attracted by government commissioner for tourism Gusztáv Bienerth, MD., the guest of honour's ceremonial speech. He highlighted that   "the hotel and the restaurant is the accurate representation of the government's idea about the future of Hungary’s tourism: high quality provided to guests who are able to pay for it, with the aim of making the Hungarian capital the tourism centre of the Central and Eastern European region."  According to his goals, "Budapest has to overtake Prague and then besiege Vienna."

During the course of the evening, guests could enjoy melodies of Leo Weiner's Divertimento, then harpist Anastasia Razvalyaeva's and guitarist Miklós Környei's Musiciens Libre Duo filled the six-storey atrium of the hotel. 

Later on the company's marketing manager and also hostess of the evening Kitti Varga conferred the highlight of the evening: the anniversary cake. Costes Downtown provided the quality food, while Prestige Hotel Budapest made the evening particularly memorable with a photopoint and a uniquely designed present.

As a farewell surprise present, guests received a bottle of Frizzante from the Kertész family winery from Etyek, which was uniquely wrapped for the event, along with a small gluten-, sugar- and lactose-free cake of the Delicia premium cake manufacture – the two of them making a perfect combination.

The evening with its special atmosphere was a worthy celebration of the remarkable success of the hotel and the restaurant. In the past year Prestige Hotel Budapest won many awards, out of which Hotelstars Union 4 stars Superior classification, the Sleepfriendly Hotel Award and TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award are the most outstanding. Joining the Michelin-starred restaurants as the 5th Hungarian restaurant is undoubtedly Costes Downtown’s greatest success.

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