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Hungarian Real Estate Development Award of Excellence for the Prestige Hotel Budapest

2017. 01. 02.

This year, the Hungarian Division of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) and Hungarian Real Estate Association jointly held the Hungarian Real Estate Development Award of Excellence Competition for the eighteenth time. The aim of the competition was to show the achievements of the Hungarian Real Estate Development to the Hungarian and the international audience and also to reward outstanding achievements.

Nineteen applications were assessed by a jury of twelve panellists. Besides the architectural values, the main aspects of evaluating the applications were the engineering solution of project implementation, the quality of construction, the profitability and efficiency of the investment, moreover, how the current construction contributes to the improvement of living conditions of nearby residents.

The ceremonial announcement of the results took place on 25th November 2016. We were delighted to learn that the Prestige Hotel opened in April 2015 won the first prize in the hotel category. The designer architects of the hotel were Péter Hegedűs and Ágnes Bolyó, the interior design plans were prepared by Virág Vörös, Csilla Sáfrány and Tünde Bagyinszkiné Kiss.

Miklós Gaál, the director of the hotel said that the functionality was not neglected due to the exceptionally beautiful design. Working in the building is a real pleasure, so the high-quality service of the guests can be fully provided for in the building that bears marks of classic elegance.

The winners of the 18th Hungarian Real Estate Development Competition, including the Prestige Hotel Budapest are entitled to take part in the World Prix d’Excellence competition of FIABCI in 2017. In the hope of international success, we trust that our hotel will do well amongst the strong international competitors.

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