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Grand Opening Party - Prestige Style

2015. 06. 19.

On 17th June 2015, the Prestige Hotel Budapest located in Vigyázó Ferenc Street formally opened its doors to the public, for which occasion they organized a Grand Opening Party. For the noted event, the management also being in charge for Continental Hotel Budapest, the Prestige Hotel Budapest staff, business partners of both hotels and the hotel guests gathered together.

The guests enjoyed a remarkable show, since the restaurant and hotel staff did their best to provide an entertainment worthy of the venue. The show opened with a flashmob, a surprise performance by the world famous Bolyki Soul & Gospel Choir. Utilizing the unique setting the 6-storey-high atrium provides, choir members joined in from the first floor balcony, while Balázs Bolyki started singing standing among the reception guests downstairs, which solution filled the space with incredible energy.

Next, brand manager of Mazen al Ramahi’s hotel chain, Zoltán Géher delivered his speech, especially thanking those staff members who took part in the preparation for the opening of Prestige Hotel Budapest beside their other duties at Continental Hotel Budapest, and who also are going to work together in the future utilizing that established synergy. The next speech was delivered by Miklós Gaál, the hotel’s director, who talked about the trial period’s success, his business philosophy, and spoke highly of the excellent work of the architects and designers involved in the construction.

Finally, the evening’s hostess, Nóra Winkler called upon the deputy mayor of Budapest’s 5th District, László Böröcz to present the hotel’s owner, Mazen al Ramahi with an honorary certificate. The show continued with the Princess violin trio, who play a fusion of classical and modern music, so their performance was very befitting to the hotel’s style. The event was catered by the hotel’s partner, Costes Downtown Restaurant well-known for their high standard of gastronomy. The restaurant sets a high value on domestic artisan gastronomic food products and high quality, organic ingredients.  The guests were presented with wines from domestic wineries, cocktail specialities and exquisite lemonade creations. The music for party was provided by Ninjabreakz DJ-duo. 

The hotel management wanted to give the guests the opportunity to get to know the hotel by walking around, so that they could also enjoy and appreciate the accomplishments of the interior designers working with the hotel chain. The party’s scent stylist was the famous perfumer Zsolt Zólyomi, whose creation, a soap made of lavender brought from Pannonhalma Archabbey, was presented as a gift for the guest. The gift bag also included Costes Downtown sweets and uniquely engraved key-rings. 

The celebration befittingly marked the formal beginning of Prestige Hotel Budapest’s life. The hotel at such a magnificent location and after such serious professional preparation is welcoming its guests with the expectation of certain success.

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